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Mena from [email protected]

This is a video from Mena at [email protected] sharing my ideas on making interest bottles and shakers!



Interest Bottles/ Shakers

Sensory play is crucial to a child’s development. For babies, they explore through their senses; sight, smell, hearing, and taste. An interest bottle provides these sensory elements.

These empty bottles can be filled with any item to keep your child engaged. You can use beads, pom poms, sequins, coloured water, beans etc. Older children can decorate them from the outside. The bottles easily help to engage a baby if it is shaken. Use a small bottle for baby to hold and let them explore the sights and sound of the bottle. Crawling babies love to follow the rolling bottles and toddlers can use them as skittles! Make a small hole at the top of the bottle to allow baby to post things through. If you make tiny holes in the lid; you can add coffee beans and herbs. Shake the bottle and let your baby enjoy the smells! You can use them as shakers during singing time to make lots of noises.

Always be sure to sure to supervise your child when making and using with the bottles. I superglue to the tops of bottles just to be sure.                                                                                                   

It doesn’t have to perfect, but it has to be FUN!!

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