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Here's a list of everyone to contact across our different areas and activities.

Use the form at the bottom of the page if you'd to volunteer for a particular activity.


Mumspace / Book Sharing:

Kate Traynor

Tel: 07821 447526 Email: kate.traynor@citizensuk.org

Gardening / Community Cooking Club:

Layla Meerloo

Tel: 07376 014330 Email: layla.meerloo@citizensuk.org

Espacio Mama / DadSpace

Grace Romero

Tel: 07561 070518 Email: grace.romero@citizensuk.org

Parent University

Kathryn Beatham

Tel: 07504 002138 Email: parent.university@citizensuk.org

Babies @ MumSpace

Mena Amnour

Tel: 07534 727316 Email: mena.amnour@citizensuk.org

Baby Bank The Salvation Army in Camberwell Green

Tel: 020 7708 5465.

Volunteering Wilhlemina Perry

Tel: 07495032811 Email: wilhelmina.perry@citizensuk.org



Mumspace and Book Sharing

Lindsey Foster Email: lindsey.foster@citizensuk.org




Fiona Calder Email: fiona.calder@citizensuk.org



Mumspace and Book Sharing

Wendy McConnell Email: wendy.mcconnell@citizensuk.org


Project questions:

Southwark Senior Project Manager Josephine Namusisi-Riley Email: josephine.namusisi-riley@citizensuk.org