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About Us

Parents and Communities Together (PACT) is a community-led social support project, set up by Citizens UK, to empower parents and improve the health and development outcomes for young children in Walworth and Camberwell.  

The project adopts a community organising approach to promote early years development; combat isolation; support physical and mental health, particularly maternal mental health; and break down any barriers that stop families from accessing health and social services. We run a variety of weekly workshops that provide a fun space for kids to play and a safe environment for parents to build a network of support and share their experiences.  

By providing a reliable human connection, we help to engage a number of hard-to-reach communities who don’t normally access health and social services in Southwark. PACT has proven that by using community organising methods we are able to have a significant impact, a recent evaluation of our work by Kings Collage found that 40% of the mothers who came to our Mumspace group were at the threshold of getting some mental health intervention, but after 6 months 68% had fully recovered. The project started in Southwark but has since expanded to Leeds, North Tyneside and Lewisham. 

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