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About Us

Parents and Communities Together (PACT) is a community-led social support project, set up by Citizens UK, to support and empower parents in order to improve the health and development outcomes for young children in Walworth and Camberwell.  


The project adopts a community organising approach to promote early years development; combat isolation; support physical and mental health, particularly maternal mental health; and break down any barriers that stop families from accessing health and social services. We run a variety of weekly workshops that provide a fun space for kids to play and a safe environment for parents to build a network of support and share their experiences.  

By providing a reliable human connection, we help to engage a number of hard-to-reach communities who don’t normally access health and social services in Southwark. PACT has proven that by using community organising methods we are able to have a significant impact, a recent evaluation of our work by the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience at King's College London found that 40% of the mothers who came to our Mumspace group were at the threshold of getting some form of mental health intervention, but after 6 months 68% had fully recovered. The project started in Southwark but has since expanded to Leeds, North Tyneside and Lewisham. 

An introduction to the PACT project:

Una introducción al proyecto de PACT (subtítulos en español):

Dayo tells us about her PACT experience:

Marina tells us about her PACT experience:

PACT volunteer Mena describes PACT:


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